Violets are Blue

Roses are red, violets are blue, gone are the days when this much was true.

African violets, have come a long way since then. It makes me think back, to the good old days when,

all we had to do was choose blue or white. Then pink came along, what a beautiful sight.

This created a stir, after pinks, we got doubles. Here’s the first sign, we are really in trouble.

It seems that things started to move very fast. We were leaving the limited days of the past.

Before you knew, there was blush, purple and coral. One clever fellow, even brought us a yellow.

There are edges and stripes, of all different kinds. The more you, look, the more you’ll find.

What to do? We need them all. Expand the shelves, hear them call.

But it wasn’t just color, that commanded a change. The foliage would also broaden its range.

Along came variegation, in whites, greens and pinks. So many combinations, more than you’d think.

Even leaf styles changed. They are ruffled and quilted. Without one of each, I’m feeling quite jilted.

Ah, my collection, though not complete, each one a prize. I could have more, if they were smaller in size.

Mine for the asking! Now they are here. Small ones and tiny ones and trailers. The fear.

This explosion of choices, made one rather delirious. The choice to make room for the small ones was serious.

Which ones to cull, which to pull… I can’t give one up, That’s it, just too full.

As that fleeting thought passes, and you see that perfect mini rosette, you realize that you can’t give up yet.

These varieties must be part of my collection. For each of the sizes carries my affection.

Looking around for just one more place. A violet lover’s commodity is always more space.

You wrack your brain, your mind starts to fray. Then a revelation, at the end of the day.

Break out the catalogs, send my plants please today. I never really liked that couch anyway.