Welcome to TheFranklinhouse

Welcome to TheFranklinhouse

Congratulations! You have found TheFranklinhouse. TheFranklinhouse will be home to a variety of topics that all stem from our love of animals, plants, and enjoying your home and gardens.

At this site you will find our exclusive Jewel Box Eggs, reflecting that treasures are not just jewelry. Please explore our Buy phentermine canadaOnline pharmacy usa tramadolOrder roche valium online Zopiclone 7.5 mg francaisXanax australia onlineBuying lorazepam online uk Jewel Box Egg section for more information on the eggs and ordering one of these treasures for yourself. Our egg Christmas Ornaments were so poplular that they are sold out. Please see our Generic modafinil 200mg pillsOrder tramadol overnight usAlprazolam 0.5 mg tablet myl Christmas Ornaments page to order your real egg ornaments.

Right now we're running an African violet special sale. You get 30 leaves (3 each of 10 different varieties), my choice. Cost is $28 plus $8 shipping.

Enjoy browsing through the pictures of my Lorazepam in australiaAdderall generic orangeTramal 100mg tramadol rezeptfrei bestellen African violets and Alprazolam .25 mg odtAdderall online irelandPhentermine hydrochloride price plumerias. For purchasing either, please go to their sections. Plumeria cuttings are from my own plants, and the African violet leaves are from my prize-winning African violets! Please check back as availability and varieties change. 

Other sections, such as Garden Art and Vintage Corner will be revealed as they are more full